Rager Feculent Emesis 7" / Dropcard 7"

Rager Feculent Emesis 7" / Dropcard 7"

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Playing schizophrenic music that's infused with politically and socially charged sing-a-longs, Rager has quickly emerged as a favorite within the Chicago punk scene. What began as a metal influenced hardcore band has branched out considerably since their inception in 2006, writing songs in which ever style they see fit.

Be it hardcore, punk, death metal, or Big Daddy Kane, Rager draws influences from all corners of music creating songs that make metal kids pogo and pop punk kids headbang.

Total pressing: 560
400 on Red
100 on Sky Blue (Pre-order & Rec Release Show color)
60 test presses (sold on Rager's Feb 08 tour)

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