The Haunted Strength In Numbers 12"
Strength In Numbers

The Haunted Strength In Numbers 12"

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Release Date: September 1, 2017

The Haunted "Strength In Numbers." Clear LP limited to 300 copies in North America! 

Track listing:

1. Fill The Darkness With Black (01:24)
2. Brute Force (02:48)
3. Spark (04:21)
4. Preachers Of Death (04:55)
5. Strength In Numbers (04:38)
6. Tighten The Noose (03:00)
7. This Is The End (03:29)
8. The Fall (04:32)
9. Means To An End (04:25)
10. Monuments (04:28)

Strength In Numbers is the all-important follow-up to “Exit Wounds” from 2014, which saw the entrance of Ola Englund (guitars), and the return of Marco Aro (vocals) and Adrian Erlandsson after their respective 10 and 14 year absences from The Haunted’s line-up. Based on the strength of “Exit Wounds”, which was considered a fine return to form by critics and followers, the band took their time in creating a worthy successor.

Strength In Numbers was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, The Exploited, etc.) which created a different vibe compared to The Haunted’s previous work with Tue Madsen. Because we live in the digital age and the band members aren’t able to gather regularly, a lot of the song arrangements for “Strength In Numbers” were completed before the band entered the studio; Russell was responsible for getting the best out of what they had to offer. Having an outsider’s view and a fresh set of ears, he decided where to push the new songs and where things should be held back, resulting in the aggressive sound The Haunted wanted to achieve this time out.

Strength In Numbers continues The Haunted’s legacy of remaining diverse without diluting the sound that seeded a loyal fanbase two decades and will surely impress new listeners with its relentless heaviness and skilled musicianship displayed throughout.

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