Grade The Embarrassing Beginning CD
The Embarrassing Beginning

Grade The Embarrassing Beginning CD

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Transcending any classification or stereotypes and surpassing all expectations, Grade has returned with yet another genre bending release. "Headfirst Straight to Hell" will obliterate any preconceived notions you may have of Grade the moment you hear it. This new record, Grade's sophomore studio album for Victory, will ensnare, chew up and spit out any fan of emo, punk, or hardcore and will like wise tantalize fans of indie rock and metal. Grade has taken their already inspiring sound and built upon it, making "Headfirst Straight to Hell" their most rock solid and highly developed record to date. On "Headfirst..." Grade has paid a solid tribute to their idols ranging in diversity from Quicksand and the Smiths to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Grade has showcased their musicianship effortlessly turning their sound into a harder, heavier direction; paying great detail to intricate guitar lines and the over all mood of the songs, but without loosing any of their progressive tone and unwavering severity. They have taken everything they have learned over the course of nearly eight years of constant touring and never-ending self-improvement and have translated it into a musical bliss unlike any other that can be found in music today. Grade writes with an immeasurable passion and perseverance to which no other band can even come close to comparing. Deeply passionate and hook laden songs lift you up to a euphoric state of musical ecstasy and drop you down to the darkest depths on your own psyche in an instant. Fusing lush, melodic guitars with front man, Kyle Bishop searing vocals, Grade has created a sound that many bands often try to mimic, but can never recreate the magic that Grade has patented. Over the years Grade has shared the stage with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In, H20 and even the legendary Fugazi. Grade's incessant touring lead them to phenomenal success on their Victory debut, "Under the Radar." MTV was quick to recognize the power and importance of Grade's emerging sound. The Trend setting MTV program, 120 Minutes was a proud and avid supporter of Grade's first video, "A Year in the Past (Forever in the Future)." With the success of "Under the Radar" still vivid Grade in the hearts and minds of Grade supporters everywhere, the Canadian quintet is finally ready to take a step to the next level of musical achievement.

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